The Act of Unbecoming:


Photograph by Keith Hardy The Act of Unbecoming: Today, I listened to Naval Ravikant’s conversation with Dr. Kapil Gupta available here.  Their conversation spans plenty of worthwhile topics and I wish to share with you … Read More

The Noise


Photograph by Mohammad Metri Around both success and failure, there’s something called noise. Noise is the “stuff” which occurs around events. Noise is almost never good. Noise doesn’t matter; whether it’s internal or external. It … Read More

The Societal Compromise


Photograph by Rupert Britton In our daily lives, we’re gripped with both the issues of society and of the self. These issues differ significantly from society-to-society and person-to-person. Nonetheless, the approach to these issues remain … Read More

Courage Within Limitations


Photograph by Cecily Chenault Our perception is flawed and we should be skeptical of our own ability to perceive and understand the truths of this world. At times, we find ourselves feeling superior to dogs; … Read More

The Journey


Photograph by Zoltan Tasi Like Dante, you came into existence with a question. Your question carries with it a journey. A special journey designed specifically for you. You’ll have guides, obstacles and insight. A guide … Read More

Respecting Subjective Meaning


Photograph by Jon Tyson While walking to work, I witnessed something special and encouraging about the human spirit. By the Starbucks on 28th and Park, there’s generally a homeless gentleman nestled within the South East … Read More

One Last Breath


Photograph by Matteo Silvestri Sometimes, we’re called upon to sit and hold the hand of a dying elder. Someone we’ve spend time talking to and loving. Now, her eyes are closed and she’s laying upon … Read More

Mayweather Vs. McGregor


Photograph by Matheus Ferrero Today, we saw an excellent bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. In Mayweather, you have a man who’s undefeated, undeniably talented and experienced. With McGreggor, you have someone who’s unbelievably … Read More

The Right Tool for the Job


Photograph by Todd Quackenbush One of your responsibilities is to provide value to your customers when they want to hear it. But, in 2016 this isn’t so simple. We’ve all become far too unpredictable. Between … Read More

The Approach


Photograph by Jordan Whitfield How we approach our customer determines our success. Also, different environments require different approaches. Take a moment and think to yourself, “If I were a customer, how would I like to … Read More