Perfection Through Torah Study


Photograph by Aaron Burden The Rambam’s masterpiece, The Yad HaChazakah[1], has both a beautiful and meaningful order.  Understanding this order solves many of the ambiguities and complexities within its pages. Allow for me to share … Read More

What’s the Right Price?


Photograph by Clem Onojeghuo Well, it depends on the value you give to your customer. Value is often something we misunderstand. As humans, we feel value is a simple calculation: ‘x’ cost-of-goods + ‘y’ margin … Read More

The World’s Changing Again


Photograph by Matt Pritchard The world changed. In 1994, Amazon began their slow but sure conquest over the retail market. They’ve put tens-of-thousands of stores out of business. We used to go into stores, remember? … Read More

In Defense of the Philosopher


Photograph by Giulia Bertelli At first, the philosopher appears to be strange. She sits alone in the library or at home; often early into the morning. She’s late for social events and may appear unaware … Read More

Revenge as Divine Justice


Photograph by Ander Burdain Revenge is anger felt so fiercely it desires to be taken into action. It can be acted out by ourselves, an actor of our choosing or by God Himself. The first … Read More