Service & Customer Experience

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Service & Customer Experience

Service & Customer Experience

These two ideas are the key to your business’ success.  And, it looks different depending on your industry, brand, price point, etc.

As a consultant, I have the privilege of looking at new businesses every day.  Often, I know little to nothing about the industry, but where I add value is my ability to be a customer for the first time and to experience that first time with intelligent eyes.  I want you to do the same.

Walk outside of your business and experience it for the first time.  What value does that look provide for you?  This is important because it creates an emotional feeling for your customer when she walks through your door.

Now you understand your customer’s emotions, but can you maintain her expectations.  Does your service provide value and trust towards your brand?

I want to give you an example.  La Petite Coquette, a very fancy and spectacular lingerie boutique in Manhattan, provides an extraordinary service, and it’s done in a subtle way.  When a lady comes into the boutique and tries on a new bra, she’s placed into a cozy dressing room with Rebecca Apsan.  Rebecca understands her customer is physically naked and often renders her emotionally vulnerable.  Here’s where Rebecca provides a service where most fail.  Rebecca understands her customer’s vulnerability and reassures her customer.  She tells her that she’s beautiful, recommends a size up or down or maybe something lacier.  But, she takes someone who is physically naked and emotionally vulnerable and makes them feel at home.  That’s service.  That’s customer experience.

Think for a moment.  What do you want your customer’s experience to be?  Now, train to your clerks on how to provide this experience.  This is a subtle art, because your customer is unconsciously making many decisions  about your brand without realizing it and any slight contradiction can be the difference between delighting her and becoming just another stranger who walks by.