Ego is the Illusion of Control

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Photograph by Jeremy Bishop @bluumind

Ego is the illusion of control

It’s fun to believe there’s a world built upon a set-of-rules and acting in certain accordance allows expectation of what’s to come.  Nonetheless, one needs to look only through his or her own life to see the world does not function in such a way. 

It’s not that our actions lack consequence nor do I wish to maintain a nihilistic view of our world.  Instead, consider a different view.  We merely whisper into the void and the void fulfills.  We exist within the wave of some cosmic will.  Choosing to flow within this wave removes resistance; whereas, ego pushes against the current.

Now, I’m aware this sounds “new-age” and possibly nonsensical, but look through your own life.  Is it possible you’ve experienced exactly what was just mentioned?  Have you ever accepted this “flow-state” and ridden the wave to whatever success you requested?  Have you ever resisted the flow and thought, “I know better!  I must control this process!”  Only to find it inhibitive.

Flow doesn’t mean do nothing.  It means do what’s natural.  If you’re ever wondering what you should do next, you need only close your eyes and listen to your heart.  You already know that’s true.  You already know what you need to do to write that book or begin that business.  It’s obvious and has been obvious for a long-time now.

Ego is the illusion of control.  We must act in accordance to the natural order.  We exist to do something far greater than ourselves.  Then again, you already know this too.